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When we were started 15 years ago, business and technology was nothing like it is today. Smartphones, mobile messengers, 4G and 5G were some vague and far-fetched ideas.


Solutions for fleets, field service, and asset monitoring has also changed with the times. Making their way through employees’ and vehicles’ locations, they now help dispatch jobs, schedule service works, automate alerts on harsh driving and other events – these are just a few things we can do.


That is why we prefer to see ours as a Mobile Resource Management platform.

Most companies operates a number of mobile resources, like: field workforce, vehicles, heavy equipment and cargo. However, GPS tracking will only cover the basic demands. Locations monitoring improves discipline but won’t help field automation, performance, and productivity, since it doesn’t differentiate a vehicle from a mobile employee.


Therefore this technology won’t be efficient for fleet protection, utilization and safety . . .  using only GPS tracking for mobile resources will be like using smartphones only for calls and SMS.

Our tools are available and organized into the
following three disciplines:

gps asset monitoring

Allows controlling remote objects in terms of location, security (for vehicles and cargo) and safety (for the transported products and medicine).

fleet management

Combats vehicle idling, fuel frauds and unauthorized use, helping to reduce fines, accidents and breakdowns.


Covers the gap between mobile workforce and office: streamlining job dispatching, organizing tasks into routes, syncing performance results, introducing paperless forms.

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