Make your passenger-carrying vehicles (PCV) more productive, cost-effective and safe

Cut corporate expenses with optimized fleet utilization

Guarantee passenger safety

Set penalty points for drivers to eliminate speeding and other violations. Transmit seat belt alarms to fleet operators and avoid injuries and fines.


Enhance vehicle safety with ADAS, Ignition interlock and other additional devices. Receive real-time alerts and analyze data for any past periods.

Reduce fleet costs

Plan service works based on vehicle usage to prevent
breakdowns and malfunctioning. Keep all your PCVs road ready and reduce downtime costs.


Monitor fuel consumption to eliminate drains and idling. Get the best insurance rates and reconstruct road accidents with insurance telematics.

Zero-delay service

Enable automatic route planning to visit all locations faster. Avoid traffic jams critical for travels, airport pickups and group transfers.


See the whole fleet on a single map. Stay aware of ETAs.
Receive alerts if your drivers might be running late or deviate from the route.

passenger transport features

Driver ID

Control which driver is using the vehicle right now. Track shift change, run reports by driver and make accurate payroll calculations.

Comprehensive diagnostics

Monitor vehicle health with telemetry data, including DTC. Control oil level. Eliminate flaws before they develop into problems.

Automatic passenger counter

Count passengers with photo cells, CCTV, IR and other sensors. Prevent fare dodging. Analyze stats and improve the service.

Business vs personal miles

Try Driver Journal to classify trips into business and personal. Get maximum tax reimbursement and spot unauthorized trips.

Anti-theft protection

Get alerts if a vehicle leaves geofences, operates at unusual hours or is being towed. Enable remote ignition control.

Compliance and safety

Meet tachograph/ ELD regulations. Visualize work and rest data with fog computing to prevent driver fatigue and fines.

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