Cut operating expenses with
state-of-the-art business intelligence

long haul transportation

Increase fleet efficiency with rich telemetry. Cut operating expenses with state-of-the-art business intelligence.

Avert breakdowns, before they lead to massive losses

Even minor defects, e.g. check engine, excessive axle load or low/undue tyre pressure can lead to tremendous damage. Detect them right away.


Stay updated on telemetry sensors readings and upcoming fleet maintenance works. Enable alerts by email, SMS, push or sound alarms

Minimize accidents and insurance costs

Analyze eco driving reports to promote safe behind-the-wheel behavior and refine drivers discipline. Benefit from usage-based insurance and reconstruct road accidents.


Adopt ADAS to reduce traffic violations, fatigue driving and hazardous situations. Prevent collisions and damages with sound warnings and alerts.

Introduce effective
anti-theft measures

Protect vehicles and transported goods. Benefit from real-time monitoring and instant alarms, triggered by light sensors, padlocks and security cameras.


Detect fuel frauds on the spot with timely notifications. Browse through fuel reports to identify drains and analyze losses.

advanced features

Maximize tax reimbursement with automatic logs

Use Driver Journal to calculate business mileage for any time periods. Check locations, time and odometer values to effortlessly sort trips into business or private.

Plan fastest routes

Experience smart route optimization to reach all clients faster and guarantee delivery without delays. The best routes will be planned automatically on a click.

Cargo quality guaranteed

Enable temperature, humidity and fall detection sensors to receive alerts if the values are out of range. Prove that goods quality was not affected during transportation.

Control work and rest hours

Comply with tachograph and ELD regulation policy. Monitor shift duration for each driver in real time and enable remote ddd-files download at required intervals.

Prevent extra cargo

Monitor axle load to avoid excessive wear-and-tear and fines for overloading. Make sure drivers aren’t using corporate vehicles for transportation of their own goods.

Driver Identification

Apply driver ID to know who’s driving the truck now and when a new shift has started. Enjoy personalized metrics and protect your fleet against unauthorized use.

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