Protect your fleet and valuable assets
from frauds, downtimes and accidents

Monitor fuel level in real time along the route

Prevent fuel theft

Enable instant alerts for fuel level change. Minimize losses with immediate response and most accurate telemetry and GPS data.


Benchmark reports for complete fuel consumption per driver. Make data-driven decisions to optimize business processes.

Cut maintenance costs

Effortlessly add new service works based on DTC error codes and tanker truck usage, including mileage and engine hours.


Anticipate possible damages with timely alarms and notifications. Set maintenance reminders and assign recurring tasks.

Eliminate downtime

Control pre-trip inspection (PTI) results in real-time to protect the vehicle from penalties or being broken midway.


Introduce smart and stable communication to send and receive urgent updates and notifications. Monitor online and analyze through reports.

advanced features

Bring any fuel sensor

Calibrate fuel sensors the most intuitive way. Enjoy accurate fuel data in real-time. Generate reports for any past periods and employ graphs and charts for visualization.

Careful driving behavior

Encourage employees to transport dangerous goods more carefully. Introduce penalty scores for harsh driving, speeding, etc. Identify and coach aggressive drivers.

Road assistance 24/7

Increase safety and security of your vehicles and drivers with panic button solution. Provide instant assistance to prevent disasters and mitigare the affects of dangerous situations.

Calculate reimbursements

Use digital timesheets to provide accurate payroll calculations. Classify trips into business and personal for optimal and effective business tax deductions.

Optimize routes

Haul the high-priority cargo the safest way. Introduce automatic route optimization to visit all locations faster and efficiently. Consider road restrictions and limitations.

Control fuel temperature

Transportation of Inflammable liquids calls for amplified security measures. Monitor fuel temperature and track its dynamics to detect and avoid dangerous situations.

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